Premium Mobile Detailing Services

Paint Correction Services

Paint correction services are for taking your car to the next level or having it look better than new. If you have old, tired paint, or swirls/scratches, this is the level of service you're looking for.

Detailing Services

"Wash and Wax" Detail (2-3 Hours): $80 2 & 4 Door Car, $120 Truck/SUV/Van
  • This service is recommended for well-maintained or previously detailed cars
  • Premium hand wash​ using filtered/deionized water, gentle shampoos, plush mitts, and multiple buckets then dried with high quality microfiber towels
  • Premium spray sealant is applied for protection and shine
  • Wheels and tires cleaned, tires are dressed with a water-based, non-sling dressing
  • Glass is cleaned inside and out
  • Interior is lightly vacuumed, and hard surfaces are cleaned/protected
Premium Detail (4+ Hours): $175 2 & 4 Door Car, $250 Truck/SUV/Van
  • This is the most popular package - the one where you just want the car "detailed inside and out"
  • Includes all steps from a Wash and Wax
  • Vehicle is decontaminated- removes sap, tar, bugs, iron particles, and more. This is one of the biggest improvements to paint appearance.
  • Trim is cleaned and treated to restore deep black colors and remove any wax buildup
  • Hybrid polish and wax applied to achieve a glossy finish and to protect the paint. Upgrade to paint correction services for in depth removal of swirls, scratches, bug etchings, and other defects where possible.
  • Spray wax applied to wheels for shine/protection

Extended Interior Service

Extended Interior Service(4+ hours): $175+
  • Interior is thoroughly vacuumed
  • All plastic/vinyl/upholstery is steam cleaned
  • Headliner is wiped down gently using appropriate cleaners
  • Vanity mirrors, Rearview mirror cleaned
  • Any removable stains will be treated
  • Deodorization via Ozone Machine
  • Leather is cleaned thoroughly and conditioned using colorsafe cleaners