Premium Auto Detailing Services

Refresh Service

My basic exterior refresh service will turn back the hands of time on any car at an affordable point. Your paint will be rejuvenated with an intensive and thorough cleaning, decontamination, polishing, and sealing process that will keep it protected and shining. Schedule an appointment now to treat yourself and your vehicle - your car can look better than the day you bought it. I can also address rock chips if they are not too large - simply bring me touchup paint for your vehicle and I can address them as I work.

Areas you weren't even sure were dirty before will be cleaned and protected with this service.

Ceramic paint coatings are available in place of the paint sealant. They will last much longer(up to two years) than a traditional wax or sealant with regular washing, and they require no waxing during that time.

Usual completion time is 8-12 hours
Starting at $350


Tires and wheels are first. They are meticulously scrubbed clean of dirt, grime, and old dressings using PH balanced cleaners that are safe on all finishes. A variety of brushes are used to get into all the nooks and crannies of all wheel types.
Next, the entire vehicle is covered in a PH balanced pre-soak to help begin to begin breaking down dirt and grime. At this time I go around the car and use brushes to get into emblems, grills, bodylines, gas cap lids, windshield cowls, and any other areas that aren't normally cleaned. The car is then washed with filtered/deionized water, multiple buckets, and decontaminated using fallout/iron remover chemicals and detailing clay, and then rinsed with deionized water to prevent spotting and streaking.
At this point, the paint is surgically clean and ready for work. I will measure the paint to ensure there are no areas of concern when buffing. The paint is polished using only industry leading polishes to produce a glossy surface; polishing will remove many swirl marks, water spots, and even etchings in some cases, but severely neglected paint will need a comprehensive paint correction service for complete removal.
After polishing is completed, a high quality paint sealant will be applied to the vehicle to keep it protected and to further bring out the beauty of the paint. Sealants will last a few months, and your car will stay cleaner and look better in between washes. Sealants also help against sap, bug guts, bird bombs, and other environmental factors that can harm your paint. If you're looking for low-maintenance car care, ceramic coatings are also a fantastic option. 

Following the application of the sealant, the other details of the car are tended to - glass cleaning, dressing the tires and trim, and exhaust polishing. Your interior will also receive a cleaning - there will be a vacuuming, a wipedown of interior surfaces and a non-greasy protectant applied. 
If your lights are damaged they will receive a refresh too! They will also be sealed with a high quality coating that helps prevent future oxidation and damage.

Upon completion, your car will be glossy and well-protected!