Premium Auto Detailing Services

Comprehensive Refreshment Service

This inclusive service has all of the same features as my normal Refreshment Service but with a focus on superior paint correction. This is the choice for someone looking to make their car look better than it did when it left the factory. You'll have the glossiest paint, the best protection, and any safely removable defect or scratch will be addressed. 

In addition to removing all of the swirls and scratches where it is safe to do so, your trim will be restored where possible, your headlights polished, and your interior will receive a thorough cleaning including steam where applicable. 

This is the absolute top of the line detail that will completely rejuvenate your car both inside and out. Contact me today to reserve an appointment and to feel like you stepped back into a new car.
Pricing starts at $500.
Your vehicle will need to remain with me overnight for upwards of two days for this service.
Your vehicle will receive all of the benefits of the Refreshment Service, but when it comes to paint correction, this service is unmatched and goes much further.
Instead of just going over the entire vehicle with a light polish, defects are safely removed using a compound to remove (not hide!) deeper swirls, scratches, etchings, and more. I won't leave behind holograms or buffer trails,  we won't damage trim, leave compound residue in doors/trunks, or do anything to compromise more of the vehicle's precious clearcoat than is absolutely necessary. Detailers that are pressed for time or operating high volume shops use very aggressive methods to move cars out their door quickly - I will spend as much time as I need to in order to do what's best for the vehicle's finish.
Here's some damage caused by a body shop. The panel was repainted and was sanded and buffed prior to the client getting the car back; unfortunately many body shops just aren't staffed to spend hours working on a car's finish. This results in dull, lifeless paint.

his type of damage requires multiple paint correction "steps" to fully refine the finish and get back to a glossy and uniform surface.