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Posted on April 20th, 2017

Unfortunately I don't get a chance to update this blog as often as I'd like, but here are a few finished pictures of some recent jobs.

All of these vehicles had their paint polished and protected - schedule your free quote/consultation today!

Posted on May 13th, 2016

This Z06 visited me for some paint correction. It had very low mileage for a 2004 and was well taken care of - just in need of some TLC on the paint.

Here is what the paint looked like after a thorough wash and decon:
And here is a shot of the paint after the initial correction step, which would further be refined later:
Left side above the sidemarker is corrected, the right side is not. You can see the depth and clarity of the blue start to come through after removing the swirls/other defects.
Underside of hood was hand polished and sealed as well.
Lights can also be swirled and scratched and need a good polishing sometimes; this helps their reflections and clarity. The light was then sealed with a ceramic coating in order to assist against future damage and any oxidation.
Now for a few of the finished shots. Unfortunately we got storms the evening I did this and there was no sun to help with photos.

Posted on April 4th, 2016

‚ÄčI was lucky enough to get to go help out with this detail earlier in March. The majority of the legwork was already done on this from the builder, but he called in some more people to really seal the deal on it. It had some light hologramming and swirl marks prior to us getting our hands on it. It came out beautiful - you might recognize it from the Detroit Autorama.

I mainly worked on the underside of the car, polishing and waxing and attending to the chrome and I also helped apply the paint sealant. I worked with a lot of really talented people on this and they did a majority of it, so I was kind of along for the ride.

 think it looks like it was dipped in chocolate. This car(and the detail work) will be featured in an upcoming episode of Mike Phillips' new show Competition Ready. 

Posted on February 2nd, 2016

Posted on July 29th, 2015

This is a sample of the kind of inspection I like to do on used cars before purchasing. You have to know and realize that any used car you get will carry a risk of mechanical or cosmetic problems, and there are no perfect used cars out there. I'm a stickler though, and patience pays off when shopping for a new vehicle.

You can minimize the risk by having a trained mechanic and a trained detailer look at the car for signs of future problems or otherwise undocumented accidents & issues. As I am not a trained mechanic, I leave that up to the experts, but I know what to look for in a paint system. Let's start by looking at the sticker on the car:
I have to call attention to the "fully detailed" addendum on the sticker. This actually causes me more alarm since many dealership detailers are under time and budget constraints to do cars as quickly as possible. They unfortunately do not have access to a lot of the safer or more effective technologies that many modern detailers do, so sometimes harm can be inflicted on vehicle finishes.
Here is our test subject, a 2012 Certified Pre-owned Acura TSX. 
The vehicle looks okay from this distance and camera angle. It's a little dirty, but still not terrible.
Here's where I began to doubt that it was fully detailed.
This is the front of the hood. The paint is actually flaking away from it and there is rust forming, which is inexcusable on a 2012 vehicle. This is likely the result of a poor repair.

Here are some more pictures of damage and defects I found:
This one is particularly problematic because the body lines aren't symmetrical. That means this has been damaged and repaired at some point, as this bumper should be flush with the headlight housing.
I'll finish this up with posting some pictures of other dirt/damage I found underneath my personal lighting at home. This car was not in sufficient shape to warrant a purchase, as many of the damage could not be fixed unless completely repainted. This car was advertised as a CPO and completely detailed - it was anything but. I also found signs of repair because the paint levels varied so wildly. In some places it was more than four times as "thick" as others. Something just wasn't adding up.
There was also a leak on the interior. I think the repair would have been okay on this by clearing out the drain from the sunroof, but it wasn't worth undertaking something like that for a car that is advertised as CPO. 

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