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Posted on May 13th, 2016

This Z06 visited me for some paint correction. It had very low mileage for a 2004 and was well taken care of - just in need of some TLC on the paint.

Here is what the paint looked like after a thorough wash and decon:
And here is a shot of the paint after the initial correction step, which would further be refined later:
Left side above the sidemarker is corrected, the right side is not. You can see the depth and clarity of the blue start to come through after removing the swirls/other defects.
Underside of hood was hand polished and sealed as well.
Lights can also be swirled and scratched and need a good polishing sometimes; this helps their reflections and clarity. The light was then sealed with a ceramic coating in order to assist against future damage and any oxidation.
Now for a few of the finished shots. Unfortunately we got storms the evening I did this and there was no sun to help with photos.

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